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Bring the best of Twitter to a beautiful Q&A experience right on your site.
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Threaded Q&A
Add the world's best Q&A platform to your site, blog or Facebook page
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Live Q&A
Host large Q&A sessions right on your own site all working in beautiful real-time.
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FAQ's that are clean, smart and updated in real-time as questions are answered across your site.
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New Twitter Q&A launched

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What is

pubble is a community engagement platform that brings the social web to your site. Change how you interact with your audience while continually enhancing your web site.

Who is
it for?

Any organisation that interacts with its users online. From large education providers to online retailers, small businesses to charities. If you are answering customer queries by email right now then pubble can help you.

Why use,

pubble is the most effective way to build engaged, active communities on your site. The web is being rebuilt around people. Now is the time to put people at the centre on your site.

Works great with:

Pubble apps are engineered to work great on mobile, tablets and desktop devices. Our aim is to make it incredibly easy for anyone to quickly deploy Pubble to their website. Setup is a simple as adding a few lines of JavaScript to the source file.  Pubble works with virtually any website type. These are some of the major platforms that we have specifically tested on.

You're in good company...

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